Sare Middlle East & Africa
Subsidary of Sare Global

Contact: Haytham ElKafrawy

Title: Executive Director
Middle East & Africa Region

Mob: +971508468336

Address: Shams Business Center

Media City Free Zone - Sharja,

United Arab Emirates. License Number; 2325097

Sare Global / IRAQ

Marmaram Contracting Iraq
Subsidiary of Sare Global

Contact: Ali Al-Dulaimi

Title: Executive Director - Iraq Region

Mob: +9647827100075

Address: Alfalouja Industrial Area - Sabt St. No: 71,

Republic of Iraq

Mobile Application

With our Sare application, which is unprecedented in the sector, you can easily access to your documents such as our product specifications, agreement details of your company and quality certificate over your mobile phone or tablet without being dependent on your office.

Under the Products section, you can examine the details and technical specifications of all of our products; under the Customer Log In section, you can examine the agreements of your projects and the Quality Control certificates of the relevant products with the Customer Number and Password given to you; under the Wedge-Quality/Test section, you can examine the Material Analysis and Quality Control certificates by entering the Lot Number available on the boxes of the purchased wedge products.

Moreover, you can receive instant notifications about the productions, shipments and applications that will be made with regard to your company. You can download our applications both to your Android and iOS based devices.


What is Post-Tensioning?

It is a special production process designed for increasing the tensile load capacity of the concrete. The desired compressive force in the concrete is obtained by stretching the high-strength steel strands, which pass through the galvanized steel pipes in the concrete, and by locking them in that way. The process of strengthening the ropes in the post-tensioning is made after pouring the concrete, not before it. It differs from other prestressed systems in this respect.


National Technical Approval

Post-Tensioning Institute is known as the most competent institution across the world. It is an international non-profit institution which devoted itself to the marketing, education, research, teamwork and field developments in order to make the post tensioning applications of high quality, safe, effective and profitable. Post Tensioning Institute represents the institutions and professionals devoting themselves to the expansion of high quality post-tensioning applications, and generalizing its areas of usage.